Get out of the “O” zone

We have developed our society to a level of comfort and standard of living higher than any other period in history. Nowadays we have numerous commodities, services, education, entertainment and (very important) civil rights. But let’s not forget that, if we want to maintain our privileges, we should also fulfil a series of obligations. Not only for ourselves, but also for our community, our country… our planet!

Industrial and economic growth have produced an important side-effect: Air Pollution.

Fuel combustion from factories and… yes! your car! are the most important sources of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) in our modern society.

Also the evaporation of gasoline when you fill up your tank... or the unburned fuel in your car... but also natural processes (like tree emissions or forest fires) are an important source of hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere. They are called “Volatile Organic Compounds” or VOCs.

So, when Nitrous Oxides (NOx) mix with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the presence of sunlight, they produce a highly toxic gas: Ozone (O3).

Although ozone is the agent that initiates the cleaning process in the the atmosphere, it’s also a very harmful gas for us causing respiratory problems, damage to our body tissues and even heart attacks.

United Nations estimates that 7 million people die each year due to the effects of air pollution.

We’ve come to call this phenomenon by the popular name of “SMOG” and it’s a problem common to many modern cities around the world.

Los Angeles, Seoul, Madrid… Doesn’t matter where you live, air does not know about countries or national borders. This affects all us humans. And, as we mentioned at the beginning, we have an obligation to be responsible, to act, to do the best we can if we want to continue living in this world.

So when it’s time to elect who’s going to be your leader, the decision makers that can influence and change the politics that will make us grow as a society while keeping an eye on the environment, please choose wisely! It’s our obligation to preserve this planet we call home.

So please... NO Voting On Crack! 😉

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